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by Anna

Bugaboo a bugging me (week 28)

We've been looking into getting Little One a new set of wheels and all the other paraphernalia she'll need when she embarks on her new life with us. It seems as a bare minimum we're going to need a travel system with car seat, moses basket, crib, cot, monitor, steriliser, expressed milk pump, and bottles. That is before we even get to the cute little outfits and fun stuff.

Daddy and I are a little amazed not just at the running cost of a little one but the amount of space all their gear will take up.

There is so much choice out there it's overwhelming and it is so hard to tell whether paying that little bit extra actually means you get a better product or just something that is "in" at the moment… and what is with mattresses?? All the shops seem to have a whole load of different types of mattress from foam or springs to coconut (yes coconut!). When we asked which was best we were told it was a matter of personal preference. Really? Are we going to be sleeping in it?!

We have spent a whole weekend going through the different buggies available at all the main shops. Demonstration after demonstration of interchangeable carry cots. If I see another click-in car seat I may scream!

I'm probably as guilty as the next person of wanting the best for my baby and wanting her to be kept safe but I'm finding it pretty tough to cut through the baloney to ascertain what will and will not help her and/ or make my life easier.

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11 December 2012