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Baby's next morning (breastfeeding awareness week)

Well, that night was alright, we thought.  I didn't wake much.  The night Girls in Blue had to wake Mummy reminding her to feed me.  I'd have been alright you know, warm and cosy I was, but they were quoting things like 'supply' 'pushing through natural jaundice levels' 'colostrum painting the stomach like an undercoat' 'a belly the size of a marble' 'colostrum easily digested'.  Hey, I'm happy to feed when prompted; it's when I have to let myself be known that I get a bit upset.  If only she would learn those feeding cues before I really throw my teddy out of the pram – so to speak.  It's so much easier if she just feeds me on my demand – oh, get me being all forceful!
Actually, she's only a beginner at all this parenting lark.  I'll try to be a bit more understanding.  I'm not even 24hrs old yet.  

1 day old officially!
So I've been on the outside a whole day now.  Mummy has been poked and prodded and feels fairly human.  Girls in Blue seem quite pleased with how she is doing.  I've been poked and prodded too you know.  Dressed, undressed, changed, fed, stroked, feet tickled, remarked on and more photographs than you can shake a stick at.  Who do I look like? ME, that's who?  Name?  No, not yet.  It's not like they didn’t know which flavour I'd be or had like over seven months to think about it.  But, take your time.  They will learn, life goes at my speed from now on.

Girls in Purple
Bambis called by to ask and see how Mummy was doing with the feeding.  I wanted to shout ask me…I'm the one who's doing all the work! 

They were a lovely bunch of ladies though.  Supporting my Mummy, checking that she knows how many times I need to feed, pees and poo's, skin to skin, the importance of having me in the best position to feed with a full and deep attachment. 

It's not like we haven't heard this all before, but best to make sure she knows what she's doing.  I'm hearing the words 'discharged' and 'home' quite a lot.  What's that about?

Good to go…
So here's where the fun begins.  Been given the all clear, both of us.  I've fed enough, poo'd enough, my eyes are white enough, I'm alert enough…what’s next?

Apparently most things come with instructions.  They have yet to find mine.

I do know that this car seat, as they call it, did have instructions.  Did they read them?  I’ll answer my own question – NO!  But it does match my outfit, the colour of the car, my room and the football team that I will support – so that's alright then.

Checking Out
Paperwork had to be completed, making sure all boxes were ticked and the red book is put into safe hands – we’ll be needing that.

So this is the discharge everyone's been on about.  I'm fastened into the car seat, have my 'going home outfit on', I'm clean and ready to go
Oh wait – I'm hungry

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26 June 2013