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by Baby blog

Baby's first view (breastfeeding awareness week)

Here I am
Woah, what a ride that was!

Labour – I know why they call it that – because it was hard work getting out.

But here I am.  The one's with the badges have counted my fingers and toes, say I'm a good colour and were really quite pleased with me.  So is the one I have just come out of.  She looks a bit tired though.  I know how she feels

So, the first thing I knew, it was lights, camera, action. 

Lights – Wow, it's a bit bright out here. All warm and cosy in the dark I've been.

Camera – All kinds going on, phone going ten to the dozen, beep beep, flash, flash, just when I want a bit of me time. Heard I’ve been Tweeted, Instagramed, Facebook’d to all the folks near and far. My Mummy is non-too pleased as she didn’t get time to "put her make up on" before she came into the Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Action – Badge people put me straight onto my Mummy's chest. Skin to skin. Nice. Was feeling a bit anxious before that, now I feel like I'm where I belong.

All is well
Things have been straightened out. I'm having skin to skin with both my Mummy and Daddy.  Mummy says she feels a bit more together but still can't believe it, that she did it and that I’m really here.  You're telling me.  I can't believe it either. 

Something clicked with me before, something I just couldn't resist.  I've not quite opened my eyes yet, but I just knew I was near something that I needed to get to.  I'm stronger than everyone thinks and just by touch and sight I made my way down Mummy's chest to where I needed to be.  This resulted in lots of "awws" and "oh look" and "clever baby". 

Day Zero
Just finished my second breastfeed, Mummy was saying it was all well and good in the workshop with the doll, but "This one moves". I don't need much help, I can feed myself. Support me, show me where my dinner is…and then I'll do the wide open mouth thing that she's always going on about.  Just don’t expect me to "open wide" when I’m fast asleep or too warm and cozy.

Well, I've had that cute outfit on. The one they picked out together all that time ago.  Made short-shrift of that though!  First lot of meconium saw to that.  I couldn't help it.  In fact, one of the Girls In Blue said it was a good thing.  Sign of things are working.

24 June 2013