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Baby's first night (breastfeeding awareness week)

This colostrum is alright you know.  It's a bit of an effort, but patience pays off and when my Mummy relaxes, holds me right so I feel secure, lets me know where I am and even sometimes does a bit of that hand expressing to let me and her know there is more where that came from, happy days.

I'm a bit knackered though, sometimes I just want a snooze but there she is doing skin to skin and PING I’m awake, I'm thinking here’s some dinner and it’s all done and dusted.

Daddy is a happy boy.  He's clucking round getting a drink organised, more pictures, cleaning away the two hundred and thirty four cotton wool balls he used to clean my bum.  He keeps quoting the facts he learned at the Breastfeeding Workshop:

  • 8 to 12 feeds in 24hours
  • Pees and poos – what's coming out that end is a sign of what’s going in at the top end
  • Skin to skin – good for regulating temperature, calming baby, regulating breathing and heart rate

Handy he remembers this stuff.

Mummy has been taking a nap here and there, but says it’s hard now visiting is over.  Sleep when baby sleeps they say.  I’m off for a sleep, but I can’t shut my eyes when I see mummy looking at me, sometimes she even gives me a little poke and I hear her say 'just checking'.

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25 June 2013