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Baby's 2nd night (breastfeeding awareness week)

2nd Night

It's all dark and quiet again. I'm on my third different environment in two days and they want to go to sleep. 

My little head is processing all that stuff I've learnt, trying to cope with Daddy working out which popper on the sleepsuit matches the opposite side.  That's when I pull out one of my tricks – both my legs stuck into one leg of the outfit…hahaha, got ya again!

So, they 'put me down' and they were looking all a bit to smug for my liking.  I'm a growing kid you know.  My belly is the size of a Malteaser now.  I gotta get that colostrum breastmilk working with me, keeping up with me. 

Just as they were settling down to a mug of hot coco I decide I need to let them know I'm hungry.  Start off simple I do – smacking my lips, looking around.  Other signs I've got are putting my fingers in my mouth – hey, if that’s not a hint – What is?

They pick up on my feeding request – Maybe they've found my instructions? 

A Long Night

Maybe they have found the instructions, but they're reading them upside down or something.  There I was hungry, wanted a cuddle, hungry, needed my nappy changed, hungry, had a nap, looked cute, woke up needing to be fed.  Cut me some slack guys – You'd heard second nights can typically be a bit tricky.  I want to take as much colostrum as I can, thank you very much.  Only then will the more mature breastmilk move in to take it's place and keep up with me.  I know that, don't you?

The One's In Charge (well, they think they are) were worried they were not doing all they could.  If I could talk I'd have told them to relax.  Chill.  Skin to skin.  I'm trying to turn on the breastmilk taps.  The more I ask, the more will be supplied.  Stressing doesn't help anyone. 

They must have turned the instructions up the right way because after a while they called the hotel where I'd been and spoke with a Girl In Blue.  She said all signs were normal.  Was I having wet and dirty nappies – Oooh yes.  Was Mummy in pain whilst feeding – a bit at first, but after about 10 seconds it was comfortable.

They better have been joking when they asked if the hotel had a returns policy!

They Made It

Community Midwife has just been to my house.  Checked me, checked mum – we passed, it's all good.  Mummy is a bit tired and emotional today.  Don't suppose my requests made it easy on her last night – but you gotta do what you gotta do – those hormones don't kick in if I'm not around.  Only doing my job. I have to get that supply increased to keep up with me growing day by day.

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28 June 2013