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by Baby blog

Baby goes home (breastfeeding awareness week)

Homeward Bound
Slow and steady wins the race.  Well that was indeed slow and steady.  That car journey was way different than the one they took to get to that strange hotel.

The Girls in Blue waved us off and said we'd be "welcome back anytime" and that they would "see us soon".  Mummy didn’t really agree with that sentiment, 'not that soon' I heard her mutter.  Not sure what she meant by that.

Where's the hustle and bustle, the bright lights, buzzers, other sounds like the ones I make?
It’s awfully quite in this place.

They call it home.  Not quite sure myself.  Smells different, sounds different, looks different.
Oh I'm a bit nervous about this…

Feels Like Home
After them sitting and staring at me for a while they decided I needed some more pictures.  Here we go again.

So I told them, not happy me.  Do they know what it's like being me?  Let me explain…loudly..
Result!  Didn’t have to get to my shouty voice after all.  Daddy suggested Mummy has a bit of skin to skin to calm me.

Aww, while I'm here might as well have my version of a cup of tea and a biscuit – just a short feed, but just enough.

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27 June 2013