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Advice during upcoming doctors’ industrial action (19-22 September & 2-5 October 2023)

Industrial action by hospital consultants and junior doctors is scheduled to take place between 19-22 September and 2-5 October. Some of our services may be impacted.

Unless you are advised otherwise, please attend the hospital as normal for any appointments or procedures. 

Further details and advice during these periods can be found HERE.

by Kathryn Thomson

Chief Executive

A night to remember as we celebrate our "stars"

I am constantly singing the praises of our dedicated and highly talented staff. But once a year we take time out to celebrate their achievements, many life saving or life enhancing, which make a real difference to patients, at our Focussing on Excellence Event which was held on Thursday, April 5.

That's when we give our nominated staff the "red carpet" treatment which they truly deserve. I only wish you could all have been there for this celebration of some of the remarkable things that the nominees are achieving for our patients of all ages.  It is a matter of pride not only for our Trust but for the whole city of Liverpool and Merseyside because some of the nominations are for innovations which have been taken up by hospitals throughout the UK and beyond. They demonstrate how Liverpool Women's continues to push itself to the forefront of clinical practice.

There were nearly 100 nominations for the top awards but for me they were all winners. Many were for individuals and teams whose innovation and expertise is saving lives every day. For example, the winners of our top Governors' award were members of our amazing Anaesthetic team. Their method of salvaging a patient's blood, lost during obstetric operations such as caesareans, which is then washed, processed and recycled for re-infusion  into the same patient, has saved lives and been showcased worldwide. It means blood is immediately available in emergencies when unexpected bleeding occurs. It reduces the risks associated with donated blood and is acceptable to patients who have religious objections to receiving donated blood. What amazing work!

Much of our research produces results that are taken up elsewhere. Our research prize winner, Neonatal nurse Ann Parry, has designed a special "butterfly" pillow. This enhances the comfort of our neonates and prevents developmental difficulties which could arise from them having to lie flat in incubators for such long periods. Her pillow is now being used all over the UK and will soon be available in Europe.

Teams were nominated for preserving the fertility of cancer patients, enhancing the recovery of patients following major gynaecology surgery and for bringing the joy of motherhood to women following repeated miscarriages or with fertility problems. Our Macmillan nurses were rewarded for their inspiring choir which is helping patients recovering from cancer or living with it to have more confidence to live their lives to the full.

Also boosting patients' morale is our award-winning team of Ward Hostesses. They have transformed mealtimes for our gynaecology patients with their personal service of freshly cooked food.  We also honoured our volunteers, especially gardener Terry Kay who has overcome learning difficulties and a lack of self-confidence to work enthusiastically in all weathers with other volunteers in the estates team.

Finally, we recognised with our new award for Outstanding Contribution a very special person, midwife Jackie Rotherham. She triumphed over tragedy in her own life, which left her with a disability, to become a passionate advocate for women with additional needs due to disability or mental health issues.  She is now Trust lead for Peri Natal Mental Health and Disabilities and an ambassador for Liverpool Women's.

As you can see, there were so many varied nominations, including those from patients, that it is difficult to summarise and do justice to them all here but I hope I have given you a taste of how so many of our staff in so many different areas are striving for excellence every day.

10 April 2012