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Complaint Outcomes

As a Trust, we are committed to continuously improving and learning from complaints. All formal complaints are fully investigated and the lessons learned are shared amongst the teams involved and across the Trust to avoid similar situations arising.

If the complaint investigation and substantive evidence is found to support the all of the allegations made, the complaint is recorded as ‘upheld’. If the complaint and substantive evidence is found to support the some of the allegations, the complaint is recorded as ‘partially upheld’. Where there is no evidence to support any allegations made, the complaint is recorded as ‘not upheld’.

We are committed to being an open organisation and as such we are happy to provide information regarding the outcomes of some of our upheld and partially upheld complaints.


  • Q3


    A patient did not feel reassured or supported by Community Midwives. Patient raised poor attitude of administrator on booking line.

    Action: An apology was given regarding the lack of contact information for the community midwives when there was a change. Actions have been but in place to prevent this from happening again. Line Manager addressed issue identified with the booking team administrator and will continue to monitor.

    A patient had Rhesus D Negative blood type and did not receive the required Anti-D injection within 72 hours of delivering her daughter.

    Action: An apology was given. The process around the Anti-D injection was reviewed and amended to make this more robust. Staff made aware of the changes and the importance of the process reiterated.

    A patient had not received her test results in the agreed timeframe.

    Action: An apology was given. Results part of a national program and follow ups conducted with the national body responsible to expedite results.

    A patient received a referral letter and the name of the confidential clinic and referral information were visible in the address window.

    Action: An apology was given. Administration staff remaindered of their responsibilities in relation to Information Governance. An extra check has been introduced to reduce the risk of this happening again.