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Standards of care

Within the Neonatal Unit, the focus of the entire team is on providing optimum standards of care for both infants and their families.

Mission statement

Our aim is to provide high quality individualised care for infants and their families utilising the best available resources and knowledge.

Infants will be cared for by an expert multidisciplinary team in an environment that is supportive of the developing relationship between families and their baby. We value our staff and support their development through appropriate clinical supervision, research and teaching which promotes safe, effective and reflective practice.

Philosophy of care

The optimum care and treatment of all infants and their families is the primary objective of the Neonatal Unit and related services. We believe that infants should be cared for in an environment which is appropriate for their medical, developmental and social needs. Infants and their families have the right to expect expert care from an appropriately trained and supervised multidisciplinary team.

We respect parents' views and wishes and encourage the development of their parenting role by providing information, guidance and support which meets their individual needs. We recognise the need for parents and staff to be partners in care. We believe that this can be achieved through a framework of mutual trust and effective communication which maintains privacy and confidentiality.