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How we put you first?

We are an accredited Practice Development Unit with Leeds University Centre for the Development of Health and Care Policy and Practice (CDHPP). The importance of this accreditation is what it means for our patients. It means we aim to provide patient centred care that is based on the best available evidence. It also means we take a partnership approach with our patients and regularly review our services to try to improve patient experience. Finally it means that we aim to deliver a service that you value and have confidence in.

The importance of feedback

Our service is developed directly from the feedback and comments we receive from our patients. It’s an important source of information for us which we value greatly. Feedback is taken regularly from questionnaire and comment cards. If you would like to be involved further, please contact Liverpool Centre for Genomic Medicine (LCGM) on 0151 802 5001 or 0151 802 5002.