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Shadow Health Minister Backs Online Pregnancy Information Service to Assist New Families

Shadow Minister for Public Health, Luciana Berger, has given her backing to a new online pregnancy information service set to launch this week.

Maternity Assist, which will provide support and information to pregnant women as well as members of their family, is being piloted by Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust, one of the country’s leading maternity service providers, and will 'go live' today.

Luciana Berger said: "This is a showcase for innovation in maternity care and a great opportunity to communicate important public health messages to mums, dads and other family members, not just in Liverpool but across the whole country."

Cathy Atherton, Head of Midwifery at Liverpool Women’s, said: "This online service will give expectant mums, dads and families the opportunity to log in to a secure and private portal in which they can find out up-to-date information relevant to their own pregnancy and the birth of their baby. It will give them ideas of what they can do to help their baby develop during pregnancy, as well as providing a library of information on lots of different issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth and after, enabling them to be more informed throughout."

"Maternity Assist will also offer users the option of messaging one of our trained midwives to get answers to any questions they have that they can’t find the answer to on the system."

Professor Mary Steen said: "Engaging the whole family promotes better outcomes for our mums-to-be. Her general health, well-being and social support needs are at the heart of this initiative. Maternity Assist provides a channel of communication that supports even the busiest maternity service to engage effectively with the family."

Women receiving their care at Liverpool Women's will have an account created for them, and will be able to log in to the programme whenever they wish, to access up to date information relating to the stage they are at in their pregnancy. The tool is accessible by clicking here.

02 June 2014