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Staff & Public Governor Elections are NOW OPEN  

Nominations are now open for Governors within the following constituencies:

Staff: 2 vacancies

  • Doctors - 1 vacancy
  • Nursing - 1 vacancy

 Public: 8 vacancies

  • Central Liverpool - 3 vacancies
  • Public: Knowsley - 1 vacancy
  • Public: North Liverpool - 2 vacancies
  • Public: Sefton - 1 vacancy
  • Public: South Liverpool - 1 vacancy

The Council of Governors is made up of individual Governors who are either elected by public members or by the staff members of the Trust or those appointed by appropriate partners such as the Liverpool City Council and University of Liverpool.

As a Governor you will play a very important role in the Trust. You will act as a link between the Liverpool Women’s membership and the Board of Directors and your role will be to help to make sure that the views of members and the wider public are heard by the Board of Directors. 

It should be stressed that governors are not responsible for the day to day management and operation of Liverpool Women’s Hospital; this is the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Governors must act in the best interests of Liverpool Women’s, adhering to its values and code of conduct at all times.  Whilst most meetings and events for governors are held in the evening, it is recommended that individuals considering standing for election, seek approval from their line manager in advance of submitting a nomination.

For more information and how to apply on-line please click on the link here.

All nominations should be received by Deadline 5pm on Monday 6th November 2023

If you would like to discuss the role please don’t hesitate to contact Mark Grimshaw, Trust Secretary on x4033 or by email for more information.



09 October 2023