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Members & Governors

Liverpool Women's is a well known specialist Trust dedicated to the health of women, babies and their families. Each year, we care for around 50,000 patients from Liverpool and the surrounding areas - if you include their friends and families, that's a lot of people touched in some way by the work that we do.

Local accountability

And because we are a Foundation Trust - a type of NHS organisation - we are accountable to the communities we serve which means that you can get involved in the way that we are run. We also have greater freedom to develop services that our patients want and need.

Have your say

Anyone can be a member - patients, families, friends, staff, local and wider public. In fact anybody who has an interest in our Trust and wants to have their say. In becoming a member, your contribution and support will help to shape the services we deliver for patients. It's easy to join and membership is free. Just complete the application form.

Your views and interests are represented through our Council of Governors. It's the job of the Council to gather members' views and advise Liverpool Women's on how best to develop patient services. The more members we have, the more our services will reflect local healthcare needs. Don't delay, join today - just how much you choose to become involved is entirely up to you and your membership will matter however much or little you wish to be involved.

Membership Update

Are you one of our members? Do we have up-to-date contact details for you?

We are currently in the process of updating our membership database. We would like to communicate more effectively and efficiently with our members ideally via email or text message.

Initially we are contacting all our members who we don't have email addresses for, therefore if you receive a call from us asking for your email address please be assured this is a genuine call. If you would prefer to update your details online please use the confidential online form found here

You may be aware that from 25th May 2018, the law has changed regarding how we can handle your personal information. To give you assurance that we have dealt with these changes appropriately learn more on the ‘Use of  your Personal Information’.