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Latest updates following recent incident

Updated 3:30pm 23/11/2021

For anyone affected by recent events we have a range of support offers in place. 

The Police cordon has now been removed but the main entrance area is still restricted by a hospital cordon while repair works take place. 

There is now a Mobile Police Station located on the hospital site and an increased Security presence remains in place.

Patient parking is still being diverted to our Mulgrave Street overspill car park. 

Patients must continue to enter the hospital via the New Neonatal Unit only until further notice.

Our services are running as close to normal as possible so please attend Liverpool Women's as planned unless you are contacted to advise you otherwise.

For further updates on how we are dealing with this incident CLICK HERE





How your support will help

Your support will enable families to stay by their babies’ side during the most critical time of their lives. Creating a spacious, home-like and comfortable setting for our families with the most state of the art facilities close at hand will alleviate the pressures of having a baby in intensive care, enabling them to concentrate on being there for their babies.

Evidence shows that including families in the delivery of their baby’s care improves medical outcomes, results in a quicker discharge home and a better family experience.

We urgently need these enhanced facilities to enable Neonatal staff to work in partnership with families to ensure babies receive not only world class clinical care but holistic family care. The new unit will open by Summer 2020 and our aim is to have the additional facilities in place in time for the opening.

Your support will enable families to stay by their babies’ side during the most critical time of their lives and allow us to continue to provide the highest standard of care for the unit’s premature babies.

How your money will be spent…

  • £5 will buy a book for our siblings play area - we will provide play facilities for siblings, enabling families to stay together during this very stressful time.
  • £20 will buy a kettle for one of our parent’s rooms - we will provide a bedrooms for 12 families to give them immediate access to their babies in intensive care at all times.
  • £150 will buy a TV for the unit’s breastfeeding room - we will provide a private, comfortable area for mothers to express their breastmilk, which is considered a medicine in Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
  • £500 will buy multi-sensory equipment for our outdoor garden - an outdoor space will, for the first time ever, enable parents on the Neonatal Unit to take their baby outside to feel the sun and breeze on their face and develop their senses.
  • £1,000 will buy a cuddle cot for our new end of life suite - parents will be able to spend time with their baby in a non-clinical, home-like setting.
  • £1,500 will buy a reclining chair for next to the incubator - reclining chairs will enhance the comfort of parents who spend many hours each day by their baby's side and will promote skin to skin which has been shown to increase baby’s oxygen, maintain their temperature and regulate their heartbeat.
  • £2,500 will buy a twin cot for the clinical area - twins are shown to develop better if nursed with their sibling as each helps to regulate the heart and breathing rates of the other.

These facilities will enhance the comfort of parents who spend many hours each day by their baby's side, allowing them to have access comfortable home-like surroundings and basic living facilities.

With up to 50 babies in the unit at any one time, it is essential that these spaces exist to ensure parents remain in good physical and mental health, allowing them to concentrate on the care of their baby.