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Final Phase of BTSA - Flats Renovation Project

We are excited to launch the final phase of our Big Tiny Steps Appeal which aims to provide the most comfortable living environment for our families with babies on the Neonatal unit and enable them to stay close by throughout their time with us.

By giving our families access to their own living space for the duration of their babies’ time on the unit, we hope to prevent instances where parents are separated from a critically ill baby in Intensive Care, keep families and siblings together, and remove additional financial worries.

As an acute Neonatal unit, we care for babies from across the Merseyside and North West region and often families do not live close to the hospital. A baby’s condition can change dramatically at any time meaning that parents may need to travel some distance from home fearing the worst. Prior to the introduction of our parents accommodation, families who did not live locally had to pay for costly hotel stays and daily travel expenses to the hospital. The provision of family accommodation has allowed parents to stay close by, should they be needed urgently, at no cost to them.

With the funds raised to date by our generous supporters, we are delighted to say we have been able to introduce an additional 7 bedrooms on the unit, specifically for parents, but it is our wish to renovate and refurbish the charity’s three onsite flats to accommodate larger families and ensure there is minimum disruption to siblings during this difficult time, by keeping families together.

We aim to undertake a full renovation of our existing three flats to create a comfortable, home from home for each of our families, with basic amenities and home comforts on hand, to help make a stressful time a little easier. The flats are located within a 5 minute walk of the Neonatal unit and provide basic washing and cooking facilities that families can access, however, after being a base for our families for almost 15 years, the existing décor is tired, the furniture is well-worn and the amenities are in urgent need of being replaced. It is our intention to create a homely living environment with brand new facilities such as beds, sofas, cookers, white goods and home furnishings, for families who may be away from their own home for weeks or sometimes months. We also aim to introduce new showers to each bathroom, making life easier for Mums who may’ve undergone surgery. Having access to amenities such as a cooker, fridge freezer and washing machine would make a big difference to families, allowing them to cook a wholesome meal and wash their clothes, at the end of a long day spent at their babies’ cot-side.

We are asking for your support to help us raise the £70,000 needed for the renovation project on our flats and help make a massive difference to the families who do not live locally, like the families of Baby Mabli and Baby AJ.

Baby Mabli’s Family

"At 24 weeks pregnant, we were given the devastating news that our baby wasn’t growing as she should. We were referred to Liverpool Women’s who took over my care, and at 30 weeks pregnant, Mabli was born weighing just 1lb 5 oz.

The care Mabli received from the very moment she was born was amazing and we were allowed to stay in the ‘Family Flat’. This enabled us to be a family with our children as best we could in our stressful situation. I don’t think I would have coped travelling back and forth to the hospital from North Wales”



Baby AJ’s family

“We are not a local family; we are one of many who are rushed to LWH as our local hospitals simply do not have the expertise our children need.

When we learned we could reside in a hospital-maintained flat a 5 minute walk from the hospital we did not hesitate to accept and did not go ‘home’ for at least 50 days.  Every new parent will know that feeling of wanting to check their child is still breathing in their first few days at home.  Imagine that feeling if you were over an hour from your newborn.

The flat provided enabled us to be close enough to AJ to be there for morning rounds each day and to leave at night, after difficult days, knowing if needed, we could get back to our daughter in minutes, preventing the physical distance between us and our child that we saw other families struggle with.”


Thank you to the families of baby Mabli and baby AJ who shared their stories of their time on the Neonatal unit with us and the difference the family accommodation made to their journey.