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Monitor ratings

Monitor, the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts, publishes two ratings for each Trust.

  • The continuity of services rating is Monitor's view of the risk that the trust will fail to carry on as a going concern. A rating of 1 indicates the most serious risk and 4 the least risk. A rating of 2* means the Trust has a risk rating of 2 but its financial position is unlikely to get worse.
  • The governance rating is Monitor's degree of concern about how the trust is run, any steps they are taking to investigate this and/or any action they are taking. They’ll either indicate we have no evident concerns, that we have begun enforcement action, or that the foundation trust’s rating is 'under review', which means we have identified a concern but not yet taken action.

The role of these ratings is to indicate when there is a cause for concern at a trust. The ratings do not automatically trigger regulatory action. They simply prompt Monitor to consider whether a more detailed investigation is needed.

Monitor updates Foundation Trusts' ratings each quarter and also in 'real time' to reflect any regulatory action taken.

Liverpool Women's is proud of its ratings record and its ability to develop realistic plans that have been consistently delivered within Monitor’s risk framework.